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  1. Guy Taylor Says:

    Howdy Tron,

    I am a US Marine Captain also. 0302. My active duty years were 1982 to 1988. I have been completely out of the Corps for many years and have been a alien permanent resident of Taiwan since 1988. I am a teacher at a local university near Tainan.

    I stumbled on your blog today, 11/2/2011. I really enjoyed reading lots of stuff but particularly your 12/17th/2010 blog with photo of the USMC Birthday Ball with ROC Marines.

    I am registered to attend this year, 2011.

    Hope your studies in Kaushiung are working out for you and good luck on your next duty station.

    Best regards,

    Guy Taylor

    • Tron Says:

      Guy, thanks for writing! I’m glad to hear there is one more U.S. Marine in Taiwan, though I’m sorry that I won’t be able to meet you at the Marine Corps Ball this year. I rotated back to the U.S. earlier this year after I graduated from NSYSU with a master’s degree in China and Asia-Pacific studies.

      Glad you like the blog, though I am a bit embarassed that I haven’t updated it in so long. I hope to have some new material for it soon. Keep an eye out!

      Enjoy the USMC Ball this year and maybe send me a few pictures!

      Semper Fidelis,


  2. Guy Taylor Says:


    Congrats on your graduation from graduate school. If I take pictures, I wil see about sending to you.

    Dont worry about your blog, if you can update, you can, but if you can’t you cant’ because, gosh, I know how busy you must be. Seems like my feet hit the deck running from my first day to my last day in the Corps so know how it is.

    Your studies seem very interesting. Somewhat related to your major, Chinese modern history from 1800 to present has been a hobby of mine for years. Also have the interest in Mandarin as you do; I studied it formally at a university here for my first five years in Taiwan and have been enjoying using it since then. Lots of fun.

    Enjoy the next stage of your career in the U.S. and take care.

    Best regards and Semper Fi,

  3. Guy Taylor Says:

    Hi Tron,

    I read your post of 02/19/2011 in regards to the Confucius Institutes on the campuses of so many US universities. Three cheers! You nailed it. The first I heard of them, that was my gut feeling; now you have confirmed it. Thanx so much for your post.


  4. richard Says:

    read your blog few times, quite interesting, thanks, also the links of interest you provide. i live already a decade in taipei

    • Tron Says:

      Richard, thanks for the comment. I wish I had more time to post, but have been really busy as of late. Bear with me – I’ll get some new material up soon!

  5. Guy Taylor Says:

    Hi Tron, as per your 11/2nd/2011 blog request, I have prepared a photo or two from the 2011 Taipei USMC B-day Ball. Tried to send via your email address but does not seem to want to go. trontaiwan[at] both dont go. Sorry I dont do twitter. Also cant seem to send via this blog “leave a reply” function. Please advise. Take care, -Guy in Tainan

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