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Blogroll update

October 20, 2010

Building Peace has, unfortunately, gone the way of the dodo, so I am taking it off the blogroll.  We will miss you.


  • The Jamestown Foundation’s China Brief – I’ve been reading this for a long time, but didn’t think to add it to the blogroll until Dr. Lin Cheng-yi mentioned it during his lecture yesterday about Taiwan Strait and South China Sea security issues.  Willy Wo-lap Lam always has good contributions here about China’s leadership, and once in a while Prof. Andrew Erickson from the U.S. Naval War College gets an article in there, too.  Must-read.
  • Focus Taiwan News – official news from Taiwan’s government in English.
  • Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) – this is the entity established by the Taiwan government to manage affairs with the PRC.  Dr. Lin showed us some interesting public opinion polls and other useful information found here.
  • The Institute for National Policy Research (INPR) – non-partisan think tank based in Taipei.

Academic update

October 20, 2010
National Sun Yat-sen University

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A few things of note on the academic front:

  1. Had a chance to sit in on a couple very interesting guest lectures recently.  The first was by Andrew N. D. Yang, Taiwan’s Deputy Minister of Defense.  Dr. Yang was (and still is) a professor here at National Sun Yat-sen University, although it is tough with his day job as the MoD’s #2 to make it down to Kaohsiung regularly.  He came to lecture as a part of the “Studies in Chinese Foreign Policy” course I am enrolled in this semester.
  2. Dr. Lin Cheng-yi, a researcher at Taiwan’s Academia Sinica, was also recently here at NSYSU to talk about security issues related to the Taiwan Strait and the South China Sea.  This was as a part of my “National Security and Crisis Management” course.  He shared a lot of good websites for research related to these security issues, some of which I was already familiar with, but also some others that I had not seen yet.  I am going to update the blogroll with a few of his suggestions.

Beyond that, the time has come to engage the ‘ol grey matter on selecting a topic for my master’s thesis.  I’ve put a lot of thought into it, and I think I am going to go with examining the effect of the PRC’s growing anti-access / area denial (sometimes abbreviated A2/AD) capabilities on regional security in East Asia, specifically looking at the so-called anti-ship ballistic missile (ASBM).  I also considered looking at China’s growing “cyber” capabilities as another potential asymmetric warfighting capability, but in the end, I don’t believe there is sufficient material available in the public domain to properly research it.  My other interest, anti-satellite (ASAT) weapons, is really a small player in the asymmetric stable of weapons.  Therefore, I think I will study the ASBM.  Thoughts?

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